Making the Offer

Everyone worries about paying too much or buying a house with "hidden" defects. You can avoid problems like these and prepare yourself for each step. To buy a home, you always have to do some negotiating. Even if the seller doesn't haggle over the offering price, you still need to negotiate whether to include appliances and other household items in the sale, and what contingencies to include in the sales agreement.

Should I start low and negotiate?

Every potential transaction will be different. Sometimes a seller will overprice a property assuming that a buyer will want to start with a low offer. Often when a seller chooses an experienced agent to list their home, the asking price will already be right on target. In either case, maintain some emotional distance so you can negotiate well, and refer to your comparative market analysis (CMA) often so you don't pay more than "fair market value."

Time is of the essence?

You may have to act more quickly in a hot (seller's) market, but consider your decision carefully, weigh the asking price against the home's true market value. Prioritize your tasks so you don\'t get overwhelmed. You have to meet certain deadlines imposed by the sales contract, but many other things--like planning a remodel--can be put off until after you move in.

Be prepared for unexpected problems

Every transaction hits a few snags, but most of them are solvable problems, and a professional, skilled agent like Ric can help guide you through them.
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Ric Prete
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